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Comparing The Best Cash Back Credit Cards

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Nearbuy Hyderabad promo code is not required to enjoy the offer. Coupon code is not required to get this discount. Grab this deal now. Discount coupon codes for Nearbuy are not required. Book now. Hot Deal. Please follow the landing page for more details. Grab this amazing limited period offer today to enjoy the massage and keep your body and mind relaxed at a reduced cost.

Filled with amusement, adventure zones and fun with water rides, the park is one of its kind located in Hyderabad from Nearbuy. Get your tickets now only from Nearbuy and get Rs and Rs 50 off. Coupons code for Nearbuy is not required to avail the discount. Offers valid on first comes first grabs basis. Login to get your deals today. Please follow the Nearbuy landing page to explore the Spa centers in Hyderabad and grab the best offers today. They work like this: Suppose you're shopping for a laptop and eyeballing a Lenovo. Normally you'd go to Lenovo's site, choose your model and check out -- same as you would for any other product at any other store.

To score extra cash back and I say "extra" because I'm assuming you're already using a cash-back credit card , you simply detour to a cash-back service -- let's say Ebates -- and then proceed to Lenovo.

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Choose your model, check out like normal and you're done. If you happened to do that today, you'd have scored not only a coupon code good for 20 percent off, but also a cash rebate of 7 percent. That's just one example. Cash-back rates vary from service to service, store to store and sometimes even week to week -- but so what? It's extra money you wouldn't have saved otherwise, and just as the percentage points you get from your credit card add up over time, so does this.

There must be a catch, right? You must be opening a veritable vein in your privacy and agreeing to all kinds of spam, telemarketing and other evils. Otherwise, how do these services make money? Here's how: Using the aforementioned example, when Ebates sends you to Lenovo and you buy something, Ebates earns a cut of that purchase -- and gives you a cut of that cut. This is called affiliate marketing, and it's extremely common on the interwebs these days. Case in point: CNET may earn commission from the services featured below.

Now, is there also some tracking and data-gathering involved? No question. These sites use browser cookies to track your purchase, which is necessary to confirm that purchase and give you your rebate. Do cash-back services also aggregate and sell this data? If you peruse the terms and conditions and privacy-policy pages, you'll see that most of them say they reserve the right to do so. Here's my thinking: So what? There is so much tracking of your browsing and purchase activity already -- think Amazon , Facebook , Google -- who cares if Ebates tells some marketing company you bought a Keurig at Target?

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Or a laptop from Lenovo? I don't. I'd just as soon have the money, thanks. Obviously if you prefer to keep your online activities as private as possible, maybe cash-back services aren't for you. That's cool, they're optional. I'll simply say that my use of cash-back services hasn't resulted in an increase in spam, junk mail, telemarketing calls or anything like that.

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Your mileage may vary, of course, but I have zero qualms about recommending these services. OK, but which ones? What qualifies as a "best" in my book?

I prize simplicity above all else. I don't want to have to jump through hoops like completing special offers, watching videos, earning points or building a pyramid of friends. I just want to shop like I normally do and score cash rebates along the way. Then there's longevity: There are lots of cash-back services out there.

I look for those that have at least a few years under their belts. To me that satisfies the "trustworthiness" question: If a service hasn't been good to its users, chances are it won't be able to keep any. The exception I'm making here is for Dosh, which is relatively new -- but I've found it to be excellent. Most cash back services offer a sign-up bonus, and of course it makes sense to look for the largest bonus you can get. Likewise, you can usually get referral bonuses for encouraging friends and family members to sign up, and those can add up.

Finally, circling back to the question of privacy, of course it's natural to be concerned about it. Be sure to peruse the privacy-policy pages and look for sections with titles like, "Use of information we collect. Below I've chosen my five favorites.

Best Credit Card Offers in India 12222

This is by no means a comprehensive list -- I definitely recommend looking into others as well. But I've used all of them, and they all have at least one stand-out feature. The great-granddaddy of cash-back services, Ebates is arguably the best of them all right now.