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Looking for great deals on super fast 4G mobile data contracts? Then take a look at the TigerMobiles.

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With tons of options to choose from, the UK's largest mobile network has something for everyone, and you'll have access to the largest 4G network in the country too! To get started looking for awesome deals with EE contract phone deals check out our easy to use comparison tool below.

How to get a cheaper mobile phone contract

EE is now a division of British Telecom, and is the largest mobile network in the UK, having around 28 million customers. The provider also has the largest 4G service in Europe and is known for its competitive and fast 4G mobile data contracts.

But they are best known for their superfast 4G mobile speeds. All of their plans include unlimited calling and texting, so you'll be free to call and text as much as you like, and all contain fast 4G mobile data plans. And if you're looking for a great phone as part of your contract, then look no further, since EE has one of the widest ranges around. From top end big sellers like the new iPhone to more wallet-friendly models, EE has you covered.

However, the most economical deal can come in a variety of different guises. Overall, most phone deals fall into three distinct categories.

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Depending on your needs and how you plan to use your phone, one option may stand out as more useful than the next. It's worth noting at this point that you can't actually get pay as you go tariffs through us. But you can still compare a huge range of other great mobile deals. Most 21st century phone users with a regular income tend to opt for an EE pay monthly handset deal. With a phone included in the overall package, this is a popular option. However, from a strictly monetary standpoint, those looking for the most cost-effective option are likely to gravitate towards an EE sim-card-only deal.

The cheapest EE sim-only deal is incredibly affordable at the time of writing, making it one of the better value-for-money mobile phone deals EE has to offer. Conversely, if you don't foresee yourself using your phone all that often, an EE pay as you go deal could be worthwhile. Always keep an ear to the ground and be sure to shop around for deals.

While an EE pay as you go deal and EE sim deal are fairly self-explanatory, the pay monthly EE mobile phone offers can vary dramatically from one to the next. That being said, an average EE pay monthly deal will usually cover the following four criteria When it comes to phone shopping, one of the first things people fixate on is the actual handset itself. The quality of handset can have a big influence on the monthly cost of the contract. With many mobile phone contracts lasting over 18 months, it's important to pick a phone you're comfortable with. Whether you're looking for a cheap EE iPhone deal or the latest EE Android available, the sheer variety of options available can be an overwhelming experience.

Nevertheless, it's a task well worth taking your time on, and doing your homework beforehand can be rewarding. EE mobile phone upgrades can be few and far between, so think carefully before you settle on your chosen handset. Your next upgrade can seem like a lifetime away if you wind up with a phone you don't gel with. Another important thing to consider is the amount of calls you'll be making on your phone.

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Calls made on a mobile are measured in 'minutes': the more minutes you have allocated on your contract, the more time you can spend making calls. While you're free to fly below your limit, exceeding it can become costly and result in additional charges.