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Call both your doctor's office and local hospital to see if they have free baby formula available.

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Formula companies often give tons of free formula to hospitals and doctor's office in the hopes that they'll pass on the samples to you. These are great resources for free baby formula and you may find yourself with bags full of it after contacting these two places. Besides free baby formula, they'll also be able to share with you where you can get other baby freebies like free baby magazines and free diapers.

If they don't have any formula samples available, ask them if they know of any local resources that do. The government program, WIC Women, Infants, and Children is set up to help low-income mothers with young children, including those who formula feed. If you meet the eligibility requirements you may be able to get free baby formula from this program. Newspaper inserts are great places to find coupons for baby formula. Check your paper for local coupons for baby formula and then your grocery ads to see if there's a sale for that formula happening.

A great coupon combined with a good sale can you get you some very cheap or even free baby formula. Local food banks aren't only a great place to get food, they also carry personal care items and baby items. Check with the food pantries in your area may have baby formula on hand that they will give you for free if you ask for it.

Ways to Get Similac Alimentum at a Reduced Cost

I recommend calling your local food bank to see if they have any stock before you head out. Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. More in Babies. Free Samples of Baby Formula.

Free Baby Formula for Moms

Here's a current list of where you can request free formula samples:. Nursette Bottles. Besides the free formula, you'll also get a free set of Belly Badges, formula checks, expert tips, and special offers. You'll also get coupons, special offers, a feeding guide, and more. This program is only for those in Canada.

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Call Your Doctor's Office and Hospital. Please send the deets. Have a set of twins so the bill is steep!!

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I am in need of coupons for Similac Pro-Sensitive formula. How can I go about that? This particular formula does not come in the can formula on in the tug or bigger size. The lowest amount is Can I please be sent some coupons?

My baby drinks the Similac SoY milk and it is very expensive. I could definitely use some coupons to help purchasing this milk. This milk is very hard to find. I can can only purchase this milk in Walmart and Target stores and it is very pricey. Link leads to coupons. Not good to give out your cell or home phone number to begin with. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. Get the Newsletter Subscribe for tips, ideas and advice that just might save your day. I would love to get those of you still have them. Yes my friend needs them.

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