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It is essential to be knowledgeable about the following aspects when planning to use solar panels for powering your home.

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Solar panels are photovoltaic materials capable of producing electricity when exposed to light. Additionally, they convert solar energy into direct current using an inverter.

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Any excess energy is stored in a battery for use in emergency situations. Battery storage can also be used to provide power during the night. They work optimally when pointed towards the north directly facing the sun and not sheltered.


Before buying solar panels make sure your property has enough space to face the panels in the right direction. Source: advantages of solar energy. Solar panels or modules are primarily made of silicone.

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It is made of solar cells sandwiched between a protective glass coating and a hardy back plate. The perimeter of the panel is covered using aluminium. The most common ones are made of 60 solar cells and weigh between kg. This will differ slightly between panels and manufacturers. Additionally, the colouring is even throughout the panel.

Also referred to as single-crystalline solar panels, they are manufactured with high-purity silicon. Silicon ingots that are cylindrical in shape comprise the solar cells. The single monocrystalline solar cell has its sides cut on all four corners. This increases its performance while reducing the cost. Having it cut this way gives the panels their signature look.

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It makes it easily distinguishable from the polycrystalline solar models. Read More. Furthermore, polycrystalline types of solar panels are a reasonably new technology product. Manufactured for the first time in Raw silicon is melted and poured into a square mold. It is then cooled and cut into square wafers.

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Page: 1 2 3. Add to Cart. Estimated annual electricity savings [1] : 4. This program provides subsidies and loans to encourage the installation of home batteries.

You can also indicate your interest in the program there. Your solar investment deserves the protection of a rock-solid warranty — and we deliver with generous warranties and our unique system performance guarantee on selected systems; protecting the purchases our South Australian customers for years. At the heart of any solar power system are the solar panels, capturing sunlight and transforming it into electricity. Designed to work in low light, the high-transparency glass has an anti-soiling coating that requires minimal maintenance.

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Additional information on SMA solar inverters. The SunLock mounting system is designed by Australian solar installation professionals and also made in Australia. Terms and conditions associated with this Adelaide metro offer can be viewed here.